11 Aralık 2007 Salı

DJ Tiesto to perform in Istanbul

DJ Tiesto to perform in Istanbul

World renowned DJ Tiesto who is on world tour of his album "Elements of Life" will perform at CNR Fair Center in Istanbul on November 16th.

Elements of Life is the fifth solo CD produced by trance artist Tiesto, released on April 16, 2007. The album contains collaborations with Jes of Gabriel & Dresden's project Motorcycle, Julie Thompson of Holden & Thompson, Charlotte Martin, Christian Burns, BT, and Maxi Jazz of Faithless. BT collaborates with Tiesto for the first time since Love Comes Again, and Faithless' rapper/singer Maxi Jazz is featuring on Dance4Life. The album has more tracks featuring vocals than previous albums

Tiesto's career is punctuated by landmark achievements, the first DJ in the world to sell out a solo stadium event for over 25,000 people 2 nights in a row, he scored a number one hit with his single Traffic, the first instrumental track to reach the top spot in his homeland of Holland in 23 years.

He played live in front of billions of people during the Parade of the Athletes at the official opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens. But despite his meteoric success, Tiesto remains grounded about his achievements and clearly loves making and playing music above the accolades it brings.

Tiesto became a DJ because he 'liked to share music with other people.' 10 years down the line his productions consistently bother the charts and frequently reach number one around Europe.

Though known primarily for his pioneering contributions to the trance scene, Tiesto's style is now a mix of everything: 'trance, house, techno - it's the best of all that the dance world has to offer.' Indeed, his brand of trance was always pushing at the constraints of the genre anyway, featuring soaring vocals from the likes of Sarah McLachlan and Jes, spine-tingling breakdowns, and euphoric melodies at every end of the spectrum.

The concept behind his latest album also forms the basis for his current 'Elements of Life World Tour' which takes the DJ all over the globe. At the same time, the tour is of a size not before known in the dance scene. Since the four elements earth, water, air and fire are the unmistakeable necessities to build and maintain life on Earth, they had to be presented in all their greatness, which results in a stunning production that features state of the art special effects, moving water systems in sync with the music and high definition video screens. It requires three semi trucks to transport the equipment. The mere knowledge that Tiesto, as one DJ with two turntables, is entertaining audiences up to 25,000 people or more has silenced even the worst critic. But that his performances can compete with even the largest stadium concerts of the known world artists is something that the industry never held possible.

The future for Tiesto promises yet further success, both as the solo artist he's become and the DJ we know him to be. 'My new 'Elements of Life' album is doing well, 'In Search of Sunrise 6' has just been released and there will be more remixes, definitely,' he agrees, 'but it's hard to look too far into the future. Every couple of months it seems that something new, unexpected and exciting is happening!'