29 Mart 2008 Cumartesi

Tiesto wants to put you in a trance

Netherlands-bred Tijs Verwest -- known as DJ Tiesto when he's behind the turntables -- surely knows how to keep the crowds moving to his hypnotic mash-ups of the trance sounds found in albums such as his Grammy nominated Elements of Life.

So, it's no surprise he craves a similarly lively atmosphere when it's time to enjoy a little downtime, which makes Miami one of his favorite ''stay at and play at'' spots.

Missed Tiesto Friday at the Ultra Music Festival in Bicentennial Park? Then try to sneak past the velvet ropes to watch him spinning at Mansion on Saturday night. From what he told us, there's nothing he loves more than a packed South Florida dance floor.

What are your favorite spots?

``Talula -- a small restaurant across from Mokai, where I love to play. It's nice and small and cool to hang out in, to disconnect and unwind. The times I've been there they play house music, which is a great switch from what I do for a living, which is trance.''

Any complaints?

``The clubs are great to play in. The only thing that stresses me out is the way clubs can be managed. It bothers me when they oversell the club. Fans buy a ticket a week before, then are told they can't get in because it's packed.''

What can people expect from your show?

'A bangin' good time filled with classic old and new Tiesto. I'm always excited to play. In general, I look at crowds and see how they react. Sometimes I never know what I'm going to play until the last minute and just go with the feeling.''

Will we be seeing more of you?

``Yes. I actually bought a house in Miami about two years ago at Aqua on Allison Island. It's a more residential area, but it's also no more than 10 minutes away from all the action. I see it as an investment for my future and as the perfect place for when I get older. They truly made me an offer I couldn't refuse.''