11 Ağustos 2008 Pazartesi

Dance4Life, the youth of today and Tiesto Together Raising Awareness on hiv and aids

HIV and AIDS form a major problem all over the globe. Dance4Life tries to do something about this, together with thousands of students and ambassadors like Tiësto.
Currently, almost 40 million people in the world are infected with HIV and 90% of them live in developing countries. Dance4Life actively involves youth all around the world in pushing back HIV and AIDS and fighting the stigma and taboos surrounding them. Youth can participate in Dance4Life through Dance4Life School Projects and Act4Life, which isn't about books, preaching or homework; it's about dance, music, drumming, videos, and the youth of today.

Tiësto is the ambassador of Dance 4 Life and recently he visited a few projects that Dance4Life currently runs in South Africa. He considers the concept of Dance 4 Life to be very effective: 'The way Dance4Life engages young people around the world to do something about the HIV/AIDS problem is very powerful. They offer young people an attractive way to do something themselves, and reward them with a spectacular event. The combination of serious content and entertainment assures that Dance4Life gets young people on the move.'

So far, Dance4Life has achieved some major goals:

24 countries are preparing for Dance 4 Life in 2008
More than 100.000 young people danced simultaneously in 2006
More than 3.000.000 euro through fundraising
Involvement of major artists and brands
Distribution of 2.000.000 Dance4Life condoms

Make sure to check out the gallery with pictures of Tiësto's visit to the Dance4Life projects in South Africa.

Let's all help raise awareness, so 'start dancing, stop AIDS!'