30 Mayıs 2008 Cuma

Cyprus' DJ Gee Papa Sets a Date with Guiness World Records

Last summer DJ Gee Papa aka George Papapetrou from Nicosia DJ'd for an astounding 105 hours in an attempt to take the crown for the world's Longest Club DJ Marathon. However, his superhuman effort wasn't officially verified by 'the ultimate authority on record-breaking achievement' - Guinness World Records. He was devastated. But, where most people might have given up on the idea, Gee refined his mission for 2008, obtaining sponsorship, media support and, most importantly, booking an official from Guinness World Records to oversee the gig!

So the dates are now set - from Tuesday 1st to Sunday 6th June - for a six-day-long DJ-athon at Dot Club in Nicosia. With ANT1 TV and ANT FM as media sponsors, the epic event will be run in collaboration with Nicosia Municipal Council and the Greek Embassy in Cyprus. And, through cooperation with the Greek Ambassador and Greek Embassy in Cyprus, part of the net income from the event will be donated to victims of last year's fire disaster in Greece.
A professional DJ since 1990, Gee studied psychology prior to playing clubs alongside the likes of Tiësto, Sasha, Deep Dish and James Zabiela. He has also worked as a radio producer and DJ tutor, hosting local classes for over 30 students. To prepare for this Herculean task though, Gee's been running for two to three hours a day, avoiding using the toilet (although under regulations he's allowed a five-minute toilet break every hour) and not eating or sleeping much either. Inspired by Armin van Buuren's track 'This World Is Watching Me', he's even designed flyers and arranged a live DJ feed on the Cyprus-based social networking site www.we-r-you.com.
'This time it's going to be official, verified on the spot by the Guinness representative!' commented Gee. 'We've got some heavyweight support, including Nicosia Municipal Council, the Greek Embassy in Cyprus, ANT1 TV/ANT FM and Pioneer. I'm now focused on the big sleepless adventure up ahead and hope people around the world will show their support as I'm live in the mix at www.we-r-you.com.'
According to Guinness World Records, the record for the Longest Club DJ Marathon still stands at 88 hours, set between 30th July and 3rd August 2006, by Agustin E. Gonzalez Aguilar of Mexico. So although Gee is aiming to beat 105 hours, he will actually create a new record if he conquers 88 hours of continuous mixing. Using Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3s, a DJM-800 mixer, Funktion One loudspeakers and a whole lot of willpower, Gee plans to mix over 2,000 tracks and he's not allowed to play the same track twice. Each of the six days will therefore take on a musical theme, including Latin, mainstream and electronic.
Register at www.we-r-you.com to check out Gee's extreme DJ mission, starting 8pm local time/GMT+3 or 5.00pm UK time on Tuesday 1th June.
Footage will also be available after the event at www.djsounds.com.