20 Mayıs 2008 Salı

Greetings From The Elements of Life World Tour

Hi everybody!

I just finished my little holiday in Ibiza between the gigs. I love this island! I've been coming here for years and it's never boring. I was a bit disappointed that they closed Amnesia and a few other clubs but everybody was very positive that they will be open soon again.

I am really happy with the way things are going now on the 'Elements Of Life' World Tour. In the beginning of this year I felt a lot of pressure because it's not easy to roll out a tour like this worldwide. My whole team was under pressure and the first couple of shows we had to get used to each other because it was new for everybody. And a last minute cancellation of shows doesn't help either! But now, after a couple of months on the road I can say I am really proud of everyone who works with me on this tour:

Jes is doing a great performance every time again and again. This girl has so much energy, she is amazing! I am working on a new song with her at this moment. Julie Thompson is a great performer as well. I love her voice and she sings two songs on the show now. We finished a new song called 'Somewhere Inside' and it's going down well. I will probably put it on my next mix compilation. Christian Burns is also doing an excellent job!! When you close your eyes while he sings, you hardly hear the difference between the track on my album and his live performance.