25 Haziran 2008 Çarşamba


Dear fans, I am very sorry for what happened at the Marina Club in Bahrain last Wednesday. Allow me to explain to you what really took place.

The promoter disappeared after 1 a.m. with the DJ fee and the money everybody had paid for their tickets.

I still wanted to play at the party, so I was waiting for somebody to pick me up from the hotel and bring me to the venue. At 2 a.m., still nobody had arrived and we heard that police was already on the way to the venue. At that moment, I had no other choice than to stay in my hotel room.

The promoter tried to escape Bahrain, but luckily he got caught near the Saudi Arabian border. He is in jail at this moment.

Again, I am very sorry for what happened and I will definitely try to find a way to make it up with all my fans who bought tickets for the show.