10 Haziran 2008 Salı

Get Disco Equipment And Emulate Your Heroes

If you love clubbing and great music then perhaps it is time that you gave DJing a try. Many of the basic mixing skills can be picked up in a few months and although it takes years to fully master the medium it is something that everyone with a passion for music should try. The most important thing after all if picking tunes that really gets people going. You can then work on how to build a set and work hard on the techniques involved in making the transition between tracks seamless.

Nowadays the range of DJ equipment that is accessible to beginners has never been better. Technology has caught up with the music industry and there are now new and exciting ways on which to share music. DJs can now keep their music in MP3 format and even mix the songs using artificial mixing equipment that emulates the traditional record player setup. It also means that many aspiring DJs can make a name for themselves on the internet by sharing their efforts to friends via the internet. This can result in some DJs forming a massive fan base before they have even played live.

It has as a result never been more popular and with thousands of DJs becoming household names there are a few DJs that are achieving superstardom. Here are my favourites that would fall in this category.

Armin Van Buuren

The Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren has become one of the leading Trance DJs in the world and he regularly gains enormous crowds for his club performances. Like most DJs he started very young and was fanatical about music. He used to spend all of his pocket money on music and would create tapes for his friends and family to listen to which included his favourite tracks of the moment.

His uncle introduced him to a computer program and he was then able to cut, mix and create his own music tunes from songs that he had collated. Alongside following his passion for music he took a degree in law but was able to follow his passion as he gained an enormous fan base and began to earn some money. He now has a weekly slot in one of the most prestigious of clubs in the club island of Ibiza. Here he has residence in Amnesia.

DJ Tiesto

Probably the most notorious of all the DJs in the world Tiesto has turned his passion for music into a multi-million dollar machine. The first DJ to ever sell out a stadium of 25000 people two nights in a row he has achieved a whole host of landmarks for DJs. He has set the benchmark for DJs at unprecedented heights by DJing for enormous events such as the Athens Olympics opening ceremony. He has even managed to break into the US commercial market where his delirium song was the first ever dance tune to hit the American daytime radio stations.

He has continued to change and modify the sounds that he plays and unlike some DJs is continuously trying new things. Perhaps this is why he has achieved such longevity in the industry. He has even been nominated for a Grammy and is highly regarded throughout the world. He regularly appears on the top ten list of DJs for the mixmag magazine.