10 Haziran 2008 Salı

Electronic icon: DJ Tiësto to perform Sunday in El Paso

To say that Tiësto is an overachiever would be an understatement. The internationally renowned electronic dance music icon only has to surpass his own achievements.

The Tiësto music experience is like taking a ride on a rollercoaster of melodies, beats and vocals that will send your senses on the sort of trip that heightens them beyond your control.

Grammy-nominated electronic music pioneer and DJ/producer, Tiësto kicks off his 2008 Summer "In Search of Sunrise Tour" this month with a stop Sunday at Studio 69, 524 San Francisco Ave., in El Paso.

Following his record-breaking "Elements Of Life" world tour last year, this tour will bring Tiësto to his club roots, allowing his fans to see him up close and personal in a more intimate setting,

He said going back to the clubs was an easy decision to make.

"I have been doing lots of stadiums for the last couple of years, and this year I wanted to go small to feel that intimate vibe again. Also playing clubs is easier then touring around the world with 35 people," Tiësto said.

In support of the tour and upcoming release of his compilation CD, "In Search of Sunrise 7 Ð Asia" due to drop June 10, Tiësto is teaming with Armani Exchange for a strategic partnership, which includes major tour sponsorship, collaborative exclusive apparel, in-store appearances, exclusive online content and a limited edition three-CD set to be sold exclusively at Armani Exchange stores and online at www.armaniexchange.com.

"It's a great double CD set with two distinct sides. CD one is in the same kind of style of "In Search of Sunrise 6.' It is a high-quality, vocal-driven, warm and melodic album. CD two is totally different much more quality trancy stuff. CD two is going back to my roots, real trancy and a little faster. I stayed in Thailand for a week in a beautiful resort sorting out the records and mixing it while the sun came up. This was the first time I worked like this and it was very inspiring," said Tiësto about his upcoming release.

The Dutch superstar is much more than a DJ, much more than a producer, he's a bonafide rock star — playing for the largest audiences and living the life.

"It's a great way of living. I consider myself as the luckiest man in the world," said Tiësto of his fame and stardom.

Tiësto was the first DJ to sell out a solo stadium event for more than 25,000 people and he did it for two nights in a row.

He garnered a No. 1 hit with his single, "Traffic," which was the first instrumental track to reach the top position in his homeland, Holland, in 23 years.

His remix of "Delerium" featuring Sarah McLachlan's,"Silence," was the first electronic dance music track ever broadcast on daytime radio across North America, an unheard of accomplishment since there is no market in mainstream radio for this music genre.

Tiësto played live in front of billions of people during the Parade of the Athletes at the official opening ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Despite his larger-than-life successes, Tiësto remains grounded by one thing: music.

His philosophy is simple; he just likes to share music with the world. His career has been moving at the speed of light for the last decade, moving from clubs to stadiums and into the limelight of the mainstream music industry.